Saturday, September 17

starting it all again...

Helloo! *tiup habuk*

so i deleted all of my posts before this to start things fresh, because i feel like i'm a new person. i'm not sure why i feel this way.. maybe because it's a school holiday and i'm lonely. haha just kidding. but seriously i feel like a new person. nothing much has changed , i'm still small (short) and cute (i hope).

so i made a new instagram account (@idgafiqwan) because i feel like a new person *itu je ayat yang i can think of right now*.  my old account was a complete mess there's a lot of instashops following me and i dont like it.. i want to keep my instagram personal. *cewah ayat like I'm famous je*

i'll be posting all my writings here, mostly they're clichè stuff that i wrote when i'm emo, BUT I CANT PROMISE i'll be posting regularly teeeheee.. one day left before school reopens and i'm sad and happy at the same time! i cant wait to meet my friends

-cheers, iqwan

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