Tuesday, September 20

you don't deserve my attention...

Hi beautiful people, I hope you guys are doing fine!

So, school reopened yesterday and it was fun because I got to meet my friends. They were super excited to see me too. Hahaha. The first day was actually quite fun because a lot of my teacher wasn't entering the class. Maybe because they were still in their hometown, so my friends and I didn't waste our precious time. We talk! Hahaha. We basically talk about what we did during the holidays. Since it was Eid Adha a lot of my friends went back to their beloved hometown. One of my closest friend posted a picture of the head of a cow? And it was smiling... pretty darn scary huh!

That's all for the first day! Moving on people...

Today was pretty dull, because I memorized the ayat hafazan but the ustazah didn't come to school. My heart was shattered into pieces. *ok i lied, i was pretty happy, gumbira* .

Pernah tak, your former or ex friend who you were really close with but then left you hanging try to catch your attention back. Well, it happened to me. I personally don't mind to say hi or just smile to that kind of person because I think we need to show them we're really happy without them. At the same time, I'm sad because we were really close to each other but you left and now you wanted the old us back?? Hell nah.

I saw that person was looking at me straight in the eyes. That person broke my heart once and I will never let it happen again. The fact that person think they're  so important in my life now, honey you're wrong. Maybe the last time I put my hope really high and I made a mistake. BUT, I never regret anything I've done with you. I had so much fun and you don't, so maybe that's why you left. You complete me once.. Thank you..

tutup aqum, iqwan haha
p/s : I'm stressing right now because I lost my calculator worth RM50 something... sighh 😪😪

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