Wednesday, March 22

Little update.

Hello everyone!

It's currently 2pm and suddenly I'm in  "okaylah, nak update blog" kinda mood so here we go. 2 weeks ago I had my first exam and it was a tough week tho. Not being the same class as my last year's classmate was even tougher. Overall, I think I did my best on some subjects but I'm surely could've done better on other subjects. We'll see how my result turn out *praying* uhuks.

I'm right now on a school break. Yay! 3 days left actually, and I don't even know what the hell I did for the past 5 days. Most of the homeworks that I need to get it done are all from the week before the exam week. Leftovers.

Obviously I had  to be in the middle 

Oh and ya! I joined marching for my school (TDS) Sports Day. Oh my god you guys, me and the team spent 2 weeks practicing because most of the recruits were newbie so we don't really know how to "kawad like a pro". The commander was my best friend, Kintan(Intan)  so it's like learning it from a friend and surprisingly I enjoyed the practice. In fact I miss the team so much right now :(. This is my last year so I'm satisfied I did what I wanted to do and Alhamdulillah everything went well. Although we didn't win, the spirit we had was unbelievable. I would scream "Ilmu, Iman, Amal" and the rest would repeat after me and Adli continue with his "sama sama naik". It was funny but that's what make us KRS. We are not hambar like the others. I miss you guys so much if you guys are reading this.

This was captured 2 days ago. I was just lek-lek at home and suddenly Abang Saddam text me "Wanna lepak after maghrib?". Since I don't have to follow my mom anywhere so I asked Hanna and Intan to join us. It was a short meet up but it was good to see my friends and Abang Saddam after so long. Dah lepak mamak apa lagi teh ais and maggi goreng. That's my mamak choice. Hahaha. If Teacher Hidayah joined us, memang sure the table wouldn't be complete without Tosai (how do you spell it?).

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