Saturday, February 25

apa yang lebih penting ialah mereka yang tiada pengganti

it has been a while.

2017 has not been easy, i had a rough time starting it and i'm still trying to make it the best year. everyday is the same, woke up at 5 in the morning after that go to school, school are supposed to end at 1:05 but i have to stay in school for extra class.. at the end of the day i reached home around 5 and sometimes i got home around 7. it's only February but i'm already tired.

"as time passes by, you'll get hurt again"

i, now understand that phrase and personally i think it is true. maybe because i was so happy and now god wants me to feel how is it feel like to lost a person that i devoted my heart to. it hurts, a lot. i couldn't explain it by just typing like this. crying myself to sleep is normal now. i searched for happiness for my whole life and i found it but now the search continues...

i need you, i want to be happy with you.

Tuesday, January 17

It has always been like this

Hello everyone.

So, I've been really down lately because I don't know, maybe its just life. Life is crazy, one day you could be so happy eating out with friends, go on an awesome roller coaster ride but the next day you could just lie on your bed all day and feeling miserable. Like right now, I'm currently lying on my bed and writing this because I'm feeling miserable,sad and worthless. By the way, due to this situation I have a huge pimple on my forehead. One of my friends thought I hit something because the pimple is swollen. Ok that's an update. Hahaha.  

Okay now back to the topic.

My life has always been like this. I mean one day I could be extremely happy but the next day I could be sad all day. Like right now, even the simplest things could upset me real deep. Then, I feel empty because I can't have anyone that I can talk to. I'm really picky when it comes to sharing my feelings. Sometimes, I don't even share my problems with my close friends. Ahaks but now I'm trying to share as much as possible because I know if I keep my feelings I will be more hurt.

2017 started not very well for me but I'm still working to make it one of the best years of my life. Please be good 2017.

I got a lot of face mask from Nature Republic directly from Korea from my aunt (thank you) !

This little things makes me really happy. I also got a new perfume but I don't wear it to school because I have the "school perfume". Do you guys have your own "school perfume"?

I'm not a big fan of this perfume but my brother got it for me so I'm going to use it anyway.

I think that's all for now. I'm still sad but it's alright. This quote helps me to motivate myself. I hope it inspires you guys too. 


Tuesday, December 27

something that i want to tell.

It's the time of the year again where we grab our notebook, tear a page and start writing our resolution for the upcoming year. For me, I don't have a specific resolution because I know I will end up giving up about everything. Since I'm having my SPM next year so let's make that my resolution. I mean like "get good results for SPM". Hope that works! Haha. The school will reopen this weekend. I live in Johor so I have to go to school on Sunday and that makes Friday and Saturdays are my weekends.

This year school holiday was quite good. Nothing too interesting. I stayed at home with my family, fighting with my niece and nephew. But, this year I hung out with my friends a lot more than I used to. One of my friend, went to Mecca to perform Umrah and I love to listen to her story while she was there with her family. I ate a lot of ice cream this school holiday. Which make sense why I gained a few pounds. You know what I mean by a few pounds. A few. A few.

Yesterday I went out with my sister to buy some stuff and guess what I bought?

Coconut ice cream from Sangkaya. I'm A JOKE.

School is starting less than 5 days and honestly I'm quite nervous. 2017 will be my last year in High School and I want it to be the best year of my high school years. One of my bus mate will be no longer around and I'm sad. This year, I had a lot of opportunities and I'm so happy to be around such amazing friends and a really understanding family members. Form hosting a fashion show to host  Japan students exchange programme. Thank you for a great year. 


Listening to : Mercy-Shawn Mendes