Wednesday, December 2

Gone for good.

Oh well it's finally December. I'm so glad that this year is going to end soon. These few days I've been so lost. I don't know why, I was fine before this. A long sigh coming out from my mouth every time people talk to me. Maybe I am just really sad about my skin condition, it is getting worst. I have this very huge pimple on my nose.

I am not a person who always confident. I have insecurities, and sometimes my insecurities really affect my life. People might think "oh you're just growing up that's cool to have acne". For me it is not, the boys at my school (although it's a school holiday I still follow them on Instagram) have like this flawless faces and cool hair. I'm here being an ultimate potato. 

So, I think by writing this might help me get through this acne journey. Now I feel so good-kinda. Here are some pictures I took. Bye 


Friday, November 27

Leftover books are depressing!!!

Finally I'm posting something. Okay.

November is one of my favorite month of the year. Since I personally call it "the holiday month". That means I have a lot of things that I can do at home better than studying at school huhu. Last week my sister baked (her first try) a Japanese cheesecake I believe. I know I doesn't look the best but it taste so good. 

Other than that, do you guys ever just wanted to finish novels or books that you've bought but never read? I have, but the problem is I'm not in the mood lately! I have read a lot of novels but these are my halfway book (i didn't finished them) maybe because it was boring for me. Everyone has their own taste right?


Woo! I just realized that I have Malay novels!!! I remember reading one of them but end up closing the novel and eat instead. Sorry... Some of the novels were given by my friends for my birthday. Thanks again. My birthday was on March 7th and I just thanked them now. Wow Iqwan, great job!! 

The results for PT3 will be out on Dec 14th and I only asked my mom/sister to wait in the car because my result didn't turn out that well. Not that bad but I'm just screwed up a little. But Alhamdulillah my parents could accept it. Talking about it makes me cry a little *wipe wipe* Haha. I think thats it. Bye,


Friday, November 20

A little gathering..

It was a public holiday in Johor so my class decided to have a little get together during that day. The plan was a mess i guess? Because everything was last minute since everyone were scared about their PT3 result. I'm not going to write about my result here (maybe in another post). So rather than wasting time doing the get together seperately, we gladly asked other classes to join us as well.

rumput shot

 Some of them were our classmates so it was not that awkward at all. We planned so many games. Haha. The first game was a mini game, we all play this at least once in our life... "cari gula-gula dalam tepung". So there were some of the participants. I'm so glad they enjoyed the game that I planned. One of my best mate, Hanna planned a really cool game. We called it "The Running Man" since the game is like the korean TV show. It was so much fun than the flour game since we have to run around the school and try to find clues that hidden somewhere. Some of them gave up because they were too tired. I was the AJK so I didn't play.. I only laugh at them. Oh! I forgot..My job was to disturb them!! I threw water balloon at them with roy,hafiz and faiqah.

 Food is a must!! My classmates and I ate fried rice that Roy ordered or cooked (I'm not sure). It was da bomb yummers!! After playing games, we ate KFC like seriously who doesn't love chicken. Although I'm trying to not eat the chicken but I couldn't resist it. I'm over the chicken guys.

After that I went home and sleep! LITERALLY!

This post is count as a #throwback haha bye!