Tuesday, December 27

something that i want to tell.

It's the time of the year again where we grab our notebook, tear a page and start writing our resolution for the upcoming year. For me, I don't have a specific resolution because I know I will end up giving up about everything. Since I'm having my SPM next year so let's make that my resolution. I mean like "get good results for SPM". Hope that works! Haha. The school will reopen this weekend. I live in Johor so I have to go to school on Sunday and that makes Friday and Saturdays are my weekends.

This year school holiday was quite good. Nothing too interesting. I stayed at home with my family, fighting with my niece and nephew. But, this year I hung out with my friends a lot more than I used to. One of my friend, went to Mecca to perform Umrah and I love to listen to her story while she was there with her family. I ate a lot of ice cream this school holiday. Which make sense why I gained a few pounds. You know what I mean by a few pounds. A few. A few.

Yesterday I went out with my sister to buy some stuff and guess what I bought?

Coconut ice cream from Sangkaya. I'm A JOKE.

School is starting less than 5 days and honestly I'm quite nervous. 2017 will be my last year in High School and I want it to be the best year of my high school years. One of my bus mate will be no longer around and I'm sad. This year, I had a lot of opportunities and I'm so happy to be around such amazing friends and a really understanding family members. Form hosting a fashion show to host  Japan students exchange programme. Thank you for a great year. 


Listening to : Mercy-Shawn Mendes

Wednesday, December 7

moving on.

Hello! Wow I'm sorry for neglecting this blog but here I am writing another post. I'm writing this post using my iPad and I couldn't figure out a way to upload pictures for the post. If anyone know how please tell me. Ahaks!

Moving on.

For me myself, It's a really hard thing to do. It took me 2 years to completely "don't give a fuck" about that person (I don't want to spill my sad story here). I know some of you guys are dealing with the same situation as me right? It's hard now but I promise, one day, maybe not today or tomorrow but some day you'll be your true self. You know the real YOU again! And you will feel like you're reborn because you're happy again. Not broken anymore, what I'm trynna say. 

Maybe a song, a movie, a poetry will remind you about that person but it's okay. You know why? Because that person was a part of your life. Although the bad one, but that person taught you an incredible lesson. It is Don't Fall In Love Too Hard, "because everything that fell gets broken"-Taylor Swift. They left you because they think you're not good enough? Well, now you need to be enough for yourself!  Love yourself first.

When I was broken, my world was a disaster. I hate the people I used to love, I'm not the person I used to be. A cheerful and talkative boy. No more. When I'm at school I act normal. Like everything's fine but when the night comes... I stare at the ceiling watching the fan go round and round. I keep thinking why would a nice person did that to me. Thinking and thinking....I still do now, but not always. 

BUT I know I will eventually lose that person too in the future? So why would I be sad? Life must go on! And I decided to talk to my friends about it and they gave me a lot of advice and moral support (my friends are super supportive). Now, all I think about is myself and how to make myself happy FIRST! Remember your happiness is in your hand not your former lover. You do you! Ok? 

Good Bye, 
Take care yall! <3