Saturday, February 25

apa yang lebih penting ialah mereka yang tiada pengganti

it has been a while.

2017 has not been easy, i had a rough time starting it and i'm still trying to make it the best year. everyday is the same, woke up at 5 in the morning after that go to school, school are supposed to end at 1:05 but i have to stay in school for extra class.. at the end of the day i reached home around 5 and sometimes i got home around 7. it's only February but i'm already tired.

"as time passes by, you'll get hurt again"

i, now understand that phrase and personally i think it is true. maybe because i was so happy and now god wants me to feel how is it feel like to lost a person that i devoted my heart to. it hurts, a lot. i couldn't explain it by just typing like this. crying myself to sleep is normal now. i searched for happiness for my whole life and i found it but now the search continues...

i need you, i want to be happy with you.